Prevention Starts at Home!

Regular visits for professional cleanings are needed, just like in people, to manage the oral health of your pet. After a comprehensive cleaning we will make recommendations regarding at home care products that may include the following:

Pet Toothpaste and Brushing

Dental care at home is preventative maintenance – brushing will not correct a problem if it has already developed. The goal is to brush your pet’s teeth on a daily basis to remove plaque before it becomes attached to the tooth’s surface and becomes tartar. Plaque can form on a clean tooth within hours and tartar can form within a few days, making daily brushing far more effective.

When starting your home dental program it is important to start slowly to allow your pet get used to the process. Introducing a brushing program in small, easy to accept steps with lots of positive reinforcement leaves most pets enjoying their daily brushing. Brushing consistently can greatly improve your pet’s dental health, meaning fewer professional cleanings, less tooth loss and much happier and healthier pets.

Happy Brushing! Remember to use a toothpaste formulated specially for pets. Human toothpaste has fluoride, which can irritate your pet’s stomach if swallowed. We haven’t taught them to spit after they brush! 

  1. Start slowly by handling your pet’s mouth and touching the teeth. Make it fun and tasty by first dabbing your finger with a small amount of enzymatic toothpaste and rubbing it all over the teeth. Be sure to praise your pet and repeat the activity daily so they can grow accustomed to it.
  2. Try the same process described in step one with a small piece of gauze or cloth wrapped around your finger. Gradually you will be able to progress to a finger brush or very soft pet toothbrush.

Dental Diet

Science Diet t/d is a complete diet that has a special fiber matrix to help clean the tooth as it is chewed. Helps to remove the bacteria laden plaque that leads to periodontal disease. This diet also works great as a treat.

Water Additives

BreathaLyser is a drinking water additive designed to help maintain oral hygiene and improve bad breath. it should be mixed with the regular drinking water and changed daily.

Dental Chews

We carry several specially formulated dental chews that help to manually and sometimes chemically reduce plaque. These are usually specially treated raw-hides (CET) for dogs or treats(Greenies) for cats. We also recommend Greenies chews. These treats should be appropriately sized to your pet.

What Not to Use- these items are likely to result in tooth fracture


Real Bones

Cow Hooves

Nylon or other hard toys