Feed the best quality diet that you can afford. All diets are not created equal. We feed and recommend Science Diet products. Increased cost usually reflects better ingredients and nutritional research. Better ingredients mean you feed less for the same nutritional value, and the cost in the long term will be cheaper than buying inexpensive feeds. Better quality diets also result in less fecal output and in less gas.  Feeding poor quality diets to cats can directly cause systemic problems such as bladder stones.

Just like people, every pet has special nutritional needs.  Just as you wouldn’t want to feed your 3 month-old child a hamburger,  an age appropriate diet will help improve your pets health and lifespan.  A pet food formulated to meet the requirements of a growing kitten would not be appropriate for an older cats whose heart is stressed from congestive heart failure.

Most pet foods contain nutrition for a specific stage of your pets life. When selecting a food, make sure the product is appropriate for your pet’s age and lifestyle. Feeding your pet properly is more involved than following instructions on a bag or can. Feel free to stop by and discuss your pets diet with our knowledgable staff.

Benefits of PREMIUM SCIENCE DIET foods:

Developed to meet the nutrient and energy needs of your pet

  •     Made with better quality ingredients
  •     Based on over 60 years of research and proven feeding results
  •     More digestible ingredients result in less waste (thats POOP)
  •     Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat
  •     Most are available in small or large kibble
  •     Daily dental protection cleans teeth and freshens breath