Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Neutering your pet is one of the best things you can do for him/her.  Intact female dogs and cats can suffer from infections of the reproductive system as they get older, while male dogs and cats can suffer from prostate problems.  Cancers of the reproductive system are difficult to detect and spread quickly, and the risk to the intact dog or cat of developing such cancers increases with age.  Neutered pets live longer healthier lives.

My pet has diarrhea.  What can I give?

Since there are so many reasons for your pet to have diarrhea (diet changes, parasites, stress, obstructions, bacterial infections, etc.)  we recommend an exam and a fecal test before treatments or medications are recommended.

My sister’s dog just died from Parvo. She gave it shots that she bought over the counter when it was 6 and 9 weeks old. Can you tell me why it got sick?

Parvovirus (Parvo) is a viral disease that affects puppies most commonly. It causes life threatening vomiting and diarrhea.  It can also attack the heart muscle. Without aggressive medical care involving IV fluids and antibiotics most puppies will die. About 80% of dogs survive with veterinary treatment.

Puppies should be vaccinated by a veterinarian at 6, 9, 12, and 16 weeks of age to ensure proper protection. For good reason manufactures do not guarantee their products if it is bought over the counter or given by a lay person. There is poor quality control in vaccines bought at the store, and we frequently see dogs with parvo or distemper who were given vaccinations by the owner. Proper vaccination in a good investment in good health.

Whenever my dog is home alone, he barks nonstop. How do I keep him quiet?

Teach your dog that there is no need for drama when you leave the house. Use this simple behavioral modification technique: leave the room for five minutes, then come back, rewarding him with a treat or praise when he’s calm. Ignore him until he is calm. Try this with short trips out of the house. If you’ll be gone for a few hours, you may want to try tiring him out with a long walk or play session before your leave.

Why does my dog scratch himself silly?

The most likely reason is that he has allergies either to fleas or ticks or to things in his environment. Dogs can be allergic to ingredients in their food, pollen, grass, trees, mold, even dust mites in your home. Very effective flea and tick medications are available through your vet. They can also help identify the source of an allergy problem.

Why does my dog need a heartworm test yearly, I never had to have it done before?

Things happen! Owners forget a month and dogs hide or spit out their pills. We regularly see pets that get infected because their owners forgot “one or two pills this winter.”  It is important to catch the infection early before heart and lung problems occur. Do I have to use heartworm prevention in the winter? Absolutely! Here in the Mid-South we have a very mild winter and therefore have the mosquitos that carry heartworms all year round. Don’t skip a single month. We see dogs every week that are infected because they missed a “few months”. Heartworm prevention is very effective and much cheaper than treatment. Ask about the 6 month injection!

My dog never goes outside so why do I need to use flea and heartworm prevention?

Very few dogs “never” go outside.  Regardless, mosquitoes and fleas come in your house and bite you and your pet.  Fleas actually live in your carpet and couch and get on your pet to feed.  If you use prevention you won’t get a flea infestation and can prevent a life threatening Heartworm infection.